Voifinity Callback

4.4 ( 1174 ratings )
開発者 Voice Pundit, LLC

Voifinity is a leading solution provider company mainly focused on mobile application development. With this application, you can seamlessly use the calling card and callback services offered by Voice Pundit. All you need is a Voice Pundit account.

Voifinity Call through is an application which eliminates the hassle of remembering the access number, pin and the destination number, while using a calling card. This application integrates with the phonebook of the mobile phone and makes calling card service as seamless as dialling a regular phone number from the mobile phone.
Call through dialer stores all the access number in its memory. This way your customers get the relief from entering these details every time when using the calling card.
Call Back Dialer is a mobile client developed to make callback services easy.

*requires ios 5.0+


Phone book integration
Call log information on screen
Excellent sound quality
Fully automated/hassle free callback procedure
Can run on the phone background, without restricting the users from performing various other operations such as reading messages, checking contacts etc.
Call through will not work on iPads, only callback works